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BA Student Council Initiates 3rd Managers Diary
Date Posted : January 15, 2024

By: Jasmin B. Reyes

 The 3rd season of "Manager’s Diary: A Journey Toward Success" took place on November 21, 2023, via Google Meet with the Business Administration Student Council (BASC) initiative. This virtual kwentuhan focused on the life-changing journey of a manager, aiming to acknowledge the success stories of former Business Administration (BA) students who are now industry managers or business owners. These storieshighlight their memorable journey towards becoming competent individuals and professionals.

 Similar to previous seasons, the resource speaker for this 3rd season is also aproud product of the Business Administration Department – Atty. Mike Luke C. Pavico. Atty. Pavico is currently working as an associate lawyer at the Santiago and Ababa Law Office in Makati City. In 2015, Atty. Pavico graduated from RCC with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management.

 Certainly, the third virtual kwentuhan was filled with words of inspiration, lessons, and realizations that students can deeply ponder to define success for themselves. As shared by the resource speaker, “Success is not about degrees, financial status, or grades; instead, it is a state of mind. There may be doubts, struggles, and pains along the journey, but as long as we maintain a positive mindset, enjoy learning, and support each other, we can navigate the challenges.” Hence, it is essential not to compare ourselves to others, as they have different experiences. We shouldn't compare our level one to someone’s level five. Instead, we must appreciate the small things we have, and as long as we get through the day, and inspire others by giving our very best, we should be thankful.