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Date Posted : January 18, 2023

Support a Library “BookLod 2022: Donate a book. Build a Future”


     The RCC High School Library in collaboration with the Young Readers Club and the Club of English Language and Literature, of the High School and College departments respectively, are launching the Support a Library outreach project this year with the theme “BookLod 2022: Donate a Book. Build a Future”. The project was conceptualized in celebration of the 88th National Book Week with the theme “BASA. BAYAN. BUKAS”.

    The Support a Library outreach project aims to help build  the library collection of the Rafael L. Lazatin Memorial High School as the beneficiary

school. As the national theme goes to awaken the reading interests of the youth and know the importance of reading with the help of books, in the achievement of personal and national progress, so as the RCC High School Library promotes to its students the importance of giving and providing help to their fellow students in the public schools. Hence RCCians, students and teachers and other stakeholders are encouraged to donate their old pre-loved books.

     The book donation project commenced in November 2022 until January 2023, and the culminating day is on January 6, 2023 where librarians and selected officers of the two clubs will go to RLLMHS to deliver the book donations and help arrange their library.

RCC LIBRARY GSITE features Theses Abstracts online


     The Library Gsite https://sites.google.com/rcc.edu.ph/rcclibrary now features abstracts of the unpublished materials e.g. theses of the graduate school and the research outputs of the senior high school students. The abstracts are viewable online and downloadable under the digital resources tab, this way students would have a glimpse of the available research materials in the library collection and would help them make their browsing easier. However, for the whole content of the material, researchers would have to visit the library onsite.

     Librarians can be reached through the library online services Facebook messenger and email for inquiries. Email addresses: College library rcccollegelibrary@rcc.edu.ph, High School library rcchslibrary@rcc.edu.ph

     For updates on library activities, new acquisitions, and other announcements students and faculty can check out the Facebook pages RCC High School Library, and RCC College Library.