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ACED.PH Led by the RCC CCS Dean Spearheaded the Assembly of Computing Education Leaders in Central Luzon
Date Posted : August 04, 2022

By: Amyrose Arillo, CCS/ITS Staff


The Association of Computing Education Deans and Program Heads (ACED.PH) conducted its 7th general Assembly and Election of Officers at Marriott Hotel, Clark Freeport, Pampanga last August 3, 2022. This event was attended by Republic Central Colleges Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Gloria Abrazado, Amyrose Arillo of the

College of Computer Studies, and our very own Dean Neil H. Datu of the College of Computer Studies (CCS), who spearheaded this eventful assembly as the President of this Association.

This is a gathering of Presidents & VPAAs, Deans and program heads, IT/MIS Directors of the different HEIs with computing education programs in Central Luzon together with event partners leb by th Vice President for Marketing and Communications of VST ECS for the 7th General Assembly and election of officers of ACED.PH.

Although gatherings were forbidden for so many months, after two years, we saw significant improvements and travel as well as face to face assembly was allowed. It was safe to say we endured the worst. We survived because of our ability to adapt which Literature suggest is also known known as Resilience – “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties: Toughness”. This is what we, and the organizations were able and continue to demonstrate.

In our respective academic organizations, we demonstrated resilience through the adaption of online learning. Our mode of instruction has gone through Digital transformation. We, the IT/ Computing education leaders were called to take the lead in this transformation.

This digital transformation did not only make us resilient, but also even resulted to Innovation. Hence, we believe that Computing Education Leadership and Digital Transformation are drivers of resilience and innovation. This is where the main activities are anchored on.

 Outline of the Event

     1. Dr. Calagui shared Guidance and Updates on matters related to Computing Education, which will help us promote relevant and quality higher education programs.

     2. Technology Experts showcased latest trends in computing. We need to keep abreast with the current trends in IT. This will allow our organizations to be efficient, effective and productive.

     3. Ms. Michello Gao presented the benefits of Oracle with the goal to invite institutions. We should choose allies for our battles and in IT Education, we do have a solid partner in the likes of Oracle providing FREE Educational Resources for core subjects like Computer Programming, Databases, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

     4. Organizational Matters. There were reports to know where the organization is and where it is directed. It will also launch research undertaking intended to describe the landscape of IT education in our region. There is an election and induction of officers towards the end of the session.

The ACED.PH team with their solid partner the VST ECS team, has worked hard to give a day better than yesterday.

We did prepare ourselves to learn, be equipped and foster closer camaraderie among other leaders in Central Luzon. Resilience is not just being strong it is also the capacity to be happy again after experiencing difficulties.

The day was full of learning and surprises with different games and freebies from various companies.