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Pamaskong Handog 2021: RCC unites for gift-giving activity in Barangay Inararo
Date Posted : December 18, 2021

by: Mark Vincent S. Yalung
Chairman, Supreme Student Council

   Pamaskong Handog 2021, spearheaded by the Community Extension Service Office(CESO) in partnership with the RCC Supreme Student Council (SSC), DepartmentStudent Councils (DSCs), Youth Community Service Club (YCSC) – RCC Chapter, Graduate School Student Council (GSSC), Parent-Teachers Association, employees and other stakeholders capped the year 2021 with generosity through the giving of food packages to 150 families and loot bags to more than 200 kids in Barangay Inararo, Porac, Pampanga last December 18.

   With the theme DIWANG RCCian: Pangatuwa buy Higla ha Barangay Inararo, an Ayta Mag-Antsi phrase which means “Tuwa at Saya para sa Barangay Inararo”,Pamaskong Handog aimed to draw smiles on the faces of our Aeta brothers and sisters.

   The success of the project is the fruit of the collective efforts of the RCC administrators, employees, andstudents. Dr. Jumar G. Basco, the director of CESO, tapped the student leaders fromthe different student organizations to help since the start of the project.

   "Though there are limitations because of the COVID-19, our willingness to give is so strong that even a pandemic cannot stop. Let us be united for our brothers and sisters in Barangay Inararo," said Dr.Basco.

   Each food package contained spaghetti sauce and noodles, corned beef, coffee, and sugar. Meanwhile, children received juices, cake sandwiches, candies, and toys from their loot bags.

   Barangay Inararo has been the adopted community of RCC since 2019. Water systems, comfort rooms, hygiene training, and school reconstruction are just some ofthe projects that the RCC has humbly fulfilled for the said community in the year2021.