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2nd Virtual Paper Presentation held among Grade 12 Student-Researchers
Date Posted : December 13, 2021

by Kirsten De Vero and Catherine Gamboa 

      As a culminating activity in Practical Research 2 and as an initial step towards writing and presenting a full-blown research paper in the following semester, the RCC Grade 12 students officially underwent their virtual research proposal defense last Tuesday, December 7 via Google Meet, with resident and guest panelists invited to provide insights and recommendations.

       This 5-day paper presentation is co-organized by, and is under the tutelage of research teachers, Mr. Jhonas S. Lumanlan and Ms. Sharmaine D. Marcelo for students in Practical Research 2; and is already in its second year of installation. Last year, the same activity was conducted online and in a similar fashion with in-house and outsourced panelists.

     Among the panelists are the High School Principal, Dr. Shirly D. Lazatin; Grade 12 coordinator, Mr. Angelito O. Waje; ABM strand coordinator, Mr. Renz A. Camaya; and the research teachers themselves, sitting alternatively in each other's classes, as part of the resident panelists.

    Together with the abovementioned, Ms. Zeia Beatriz C. Valencia, a college instructor from City College of Angeles; Ms. Micah P. Viloria, a college instructor and a former senior high school coordinator from the department; Mr. Mark Lourenze M. Cunanan, a research teacher from Malabanias Integrated School; and Mr. Christopher Paulo T. Manlapaz, a faculty member from University of Santo Tomas Senior High School, were invited as guest panelists.

    Groups from across the four academic strands were given time of 5-7 minutes to present their proposals, while afterwards, questions, comments and recommendations from the panelists were then accommodated.

    Their papers, once revised accordingly and approved, are expected to be conducted and completed in the next semester.