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CBA Holds e-Kamustahan 2021
Date Posted : December 13, 2021

Airwin S. Ditianquin 

   Morning of November 29, 2021 when the two-hour eKamustahan (virtual consultation) of the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) warmly started via Google meeting. The activity was attended by the students and faculty members from the Accountancy (BSA) and Management Accounting (BSMA) Programs, Business Administration major in Marketing Management (BSBA), and Hospitality (BSHM) and Tourism Management (BSTM) Programs.

   Usually held face-to-face, this activity has been part of the CBA cultureto have an open-door discussion andsharing with the CBA students and faculty members about academic andnon-academic related concerns. 

   Despite the challenge of thepandemic, the use of the online platform made eKamustahan effectivelyand efficiently possible.

 Some of the topics raised were about online classes, limited face-to-face classes, virtual internship/ practicum, qualifying examination for accountancy, scholarship qualifying examination, 1 st semester final examination, online payment of tuition fees, last day of classes for 1st semester, 2nd semester enrollment, 1 st day of classes for 2nd semester, community service to be held in December, and vaccination status. 

 Students actively participated in every topic presented by asking questions shared through the chat box in the Google meet. Others preferred to unmute their microphone in voicing out their concerns. Not to mention that parents were also invited to join in through their children’s gadget monitor. The faculty members werealso active in sharing their insights to the concerns being brought to their attention.

 Overall, the students and faculty members of the College of Business and Accountancy strongly agreed that the e-Kamustahan activity is timely, relevant, and essential in expressing their concerns. Students believed that this virtual-consultation activity is another way to build a stronger relationship with their teachers. Others even affirmed that by simply asking a friend or a classmate “how are you” has a great-positive impact even if it is done virtually. Kudos to the CBA family!