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HSSC installs 2nd PasiCLUBan
Date Posted : November 30, 2021

by: Jam Suane C. Calara and Kirsten Nicole De Vero

The High School Student Council (HSSC) successfully held its 2nd Online PasiCLUBan last November 22 via Facebook Live and Google Meet.

The HSSC initiated this virtual club fair, involving in it the different Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in the department, as an adjustment to the shift into the “Now Normal” setup of education. Its very first implementation was held just last school year with the different RSOs ceremoniously uniting under the flagship of Inter-Organization Task Force or IOTF.

This year’s Online PasiCLUBan was a pleasant relief in the midst of all the academic work that teachers and students alike engage with all year round. The RCCians took part in various fun-filled activities prepared by the RSOs in their respective Meet Rooms to enable the students to de-stress from their classes and spend their time with their fellows virtually who shared similar interests.

RCCians were able to engage and be part of the clubs that best reflected their interests and strengths. The RSOs showcased their inventiveness and creativity through a variety of online gimmicks to draw members to register and be part of their roster.

Virtual games and mini-programs that were peppered with prizes and perks were held by the RSOs some of which were as follows: Aperture with their Bring Me, 6-Word Story, and a Photo Contest; Craftsman’s Guild with their Trivias and Fun Facts competitions, and showcasing of talents in singing English Club with their hosting a Rebus Puzzle and Sentence Scrabble; MAPEH Club with its virtual mini concert, What’s in the Box?, and Guess the Song; MATH Club with its Who’s that Mathematician?, Mathbilisan, and Online Rubik’s Challenge; and many more.

In addition, other RSOs such as the Salinlahi Club engaged the students through their ProbinSyAAN?, 4-Pics 1-Word (Guess the Country), Call and Response Game (Complete the Missing Statement), and sharing of random trivia. Sinagtala hosted a virtual Tagisan ng Talino, Trivia Session, and a tutorial in writing a Baybayin. The Young Readers Club provided an overview of the club, while the RCC Student Catholic Action (SCA) shared the organization’s achievements, as well as a short introduction of the organization goals and vision.

Apart from the virtual booths through Meet Rooms of the RSOs, the HSSC also sponsored a contest on Google Sites making, where the said RSOs showcased themselves virtually through which. The links to each club's websites may be found on the RCC HSSC's Official Facebook Page.

The winners for the contests in PasiCLUBan were announced via FB Live on November 

25, 2021 at 4:00 PM. Among the list of awardees during the event are the following:

People’s Choice Award - Mathematics’ Club

Best in Gimmickry - Mathematics’ Club & English Club

Top 1 - Mathematics’ ClubTop 3 Best Websites

Top 2 - Young Scientists’ Club

Top 3 - English Club

Overall Winners

1st Place - Mathematics’ Clu

2nd Place - English Club

3rd Place - Young Scientists’ Club

4th Place - MAPEH Club