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5-Day Collaboration Program between SMU and RCC
Date Posted : June 25, 2020

Republic Central Colleges (RCC) is one of the higher education institutions in Angeles City known for its assertiveness in welcoming changes. One of its important core values is excellence, which specifically refers to pursuing high standards in the performance of its functions in instruction, research and community extension. Turning this specific core value into reality, a 5-day collaboration program was created between Sun Moon University (SMU) of South Korea and Republic Central Colleges and held from July 15 to July 19, 2019. 

Sun Moon University (SMU) is located at the center of Tangjung Crystal Valley and Asan New City, in the central region of South Korea. SMU is equipped with a beautiful campus, excellent faculty members and state-of-the-art educational facilities (photo taken by Jongsoo Kyung).



       In the collaboration program, a total of 25 Korean students    from SMU, 18 are taking Public Administration and 7 are  taking Industrial and Management Engineering, buddied up with the selected RCC Business Administration students for five consecutive days. A total of 11 groups were formed, 2 groups from the Industrial and Management Engineering students and 9 groups from the Public Administration students.



              SMU and RCC students enjoying the preparation for their final presentation


Both SMU and RCC students were tasked to produce a presentation report regarding social problem solution project of Korea and Philippines. Said task was facilitated by two of the RCC College of Business and Accountancy professors – Prof.  Airwin Ditianquin and Prof. Stephanie Ann Sangalang. Output of the students will be presented during the last and final day of the collaboration program to the school administrators of Sun Moon University.

SMU and RCC students during the presentation of their final report at the RCC Seminar Room on July 19, 2019.


The collaborative program turned out to be successful because of the immeasurable support and leadership of the school administrators of both Sun Moon University and Republic Central Colleges.


Sun Moon University Administrators with Prof. Airwin Ditianquin


                            RCC family from left to right: Dr. Shirly Lazatin, Dr. Charito Wui,                                                                                         Prof. Airwin Ditianquin, Dr. Gloria Abrazado,                                                  Prof. Stephanie Ann Sangalang and Prof. Pacencia Gamino


Certainly, this fruitful collaboration program between SMU and RCC created an educational environment that can build a community of compassionate and committed individuals who are all working toward one common goal: increasing the students' positive outcomes towards the attainment and realization of excellence.

by: Airwin S. Ditianquin