Total Development of Man based on FAITH, SCIENCE and VIRTUE


Posted on December 18, 2021

by: Mark Vincent S. YalungChairman, Supreme Student Council    Pamaskong Handog 2021, spearheaded by the Community Extension Service Office(CESO) in partnership with the RCC Supreme Student Council (SSC), DepartmentStudent Councils (DSCs), Youth Community Service Club (YCSC) – RCC C...
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Posted on June 01, 2021

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      The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) helps the College in the attainment of its Philosophy, Mission and Vision—that of forming the whole person into a mature professional, who is responsible and competent, compassionate, and committed—by enhancing and developing his/her full potential as person.

       The office also serves as the official communication link with the school administration, the student body and the general public on matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities and student discipline.  It also acts as the extension of the Administration on matters related to the implementation of College regulations concerning appropriate student behavior.


       The OSA provides programs and services for students and the larger community to enhance quality of life, facilitate intellectual, ethical and professional growth, and create a culture which engenders respect for human diversity.


       The OSA aims to:

1. provide relevant activities, opportunities and challenges to make students globally competitive, morally upright and disciplined;

2. enable the students to attain their goals towards self-realization/self fulfillment;

3. strengthen in the students the spirit of volunteerism;

4. facilitate the development of leadership skills;

5. promote an inclusive environment by supporting a diversity of people, cultures, and perspective;  and

6. provide wise stewardship of all Student Affairs activities and resources.



Orientation Program

OSA conducts orientation to help the students know their school, know their duties and responsibilities, and become aware of the rules, regulations and policies of the school.

 Leadership Program

OSA provides the opportunity and avenue for the students and advisers to develop their leadership abilities through providing and attending leadership trainings and seminars inside and outside the school.  The OSA facilitates the election of the officers of student organizations. 

 Student Discipline

OSA promotes and enforces student discipline by creating different policies and guidelines for students. The office also serves as the venue for receiving and filing the student complaints, facilitates the hearing of student cases, and recommends to the School President the sanctions for erring students.

 Values/Spiritual Formation

OSA promotes values and spiritual formation through the peace month celebration, recollection activities, observance of Lenten season and rosary month and through the activities spearheaded by Student Catholic Action.

 Promotion of Culture

OSA promotes the Filipino and Kapampangan cultures through the conduct of cultural presentations, beauty pageants, talent performances, and art competitions.

 Physical Development

OSA promotes the physical development of the students through the conduct of sports festival and intramurals.

 Safety and Prevention

OSA promotes the safety and prevention program through the dissemination of safety manuals and through the conduct of fire and earthquake drills to acquaint the students, faculty and staff on the actions to take in times of an emergency.

 Community Service

OSA promotes the community service activities through the inclusion of this activity in the action plan of student organizations and through     participating in the activities of the Community Extension Service Office.



JUMAR G. BASCO, Ph.D. - Head, Office of Student Affairs

JESTER ARIES A. SAGUN - Student Coordinator




1. Supreme Student Council (SSC)

The RCC Supreme Student Council is the highest student governing body in the College.  It is composed of officers from various departments, elected from the elected department officers.  SSC is a democratic student organization representing all college students.

2. Department Student Council (DSC)

The Department Student Council (DSC) is the student organization composed of officers duly elected by the students belonging to their particular college/department.

 3. Co-Curricular Organizations (CCO)

These organizations are associated in the subject,  field of specialization, or course of the students.

 3.1  RCC-Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

 - is a special and highly esteemed organization created exclusively for the students of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) that represents the world for the young accountants in the Philippines. JPIA is an organization established to develop the potential of its members to become internationally equipped accountants.  

 3.2  RCC-Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (JPICE)

- is an organization of 3rd to 5th year Civil Engineering students that endeavors to provide skills, training, community development and information regarding the latest technology in the construction industry for every member to become responsible leaders and future engineers.

 3.3  Marketing Society (MarSoc)

- is an organization of the students taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing, which aims to become one of the best functional student organizations of RCC entrusted in promoting the welfare of Business Administration students, enhancing their scholastic capabilities, and teaching them the value of serving the community through continuous innovation and improvement.

 3.4  Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRMS)

- is an organization of the students taking Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management which aims to promote mastery in technical and managerial skills that are essential in tourism and hospitality industry.  Furthermore, it also advocates competitiveness and passion in their craft.

 3.5  Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

- is an organization of the students taking Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics which aims to promote and develop mathematical skills and interests among the students.

 3.6  Kalipunan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Wika at Literatura (KAWIL)

- ay organisasyon ng mga mag-aaral sa kursong pagka-guro at pumapailalim sa pagpapakadalubhasa sa asignaturang Filipino na may layuning malinang ang kakayahan ng mga mag-aaral sa asignaturang Filipino tungo sa pagtatamo ng lokal at global na kahusayan sa paggamit ng wika.

4.  Extra-Curricular Organization (ECO)

These organizations are focused on either community service, spiritual, and civic organizations.

 4.1  Youth Community Service Club (YCSC)

- is an organization that promotes and campaigns for the youth’s community service and leadership actions in the purpose of nation building. 

 4.2  RCC-Student Catholic Action (RCC-SCA)

- is an organized group of students striving to become a community of disciples of Jesus Christ by being evangelized and evangelizing.

 4.3  RCC-Rotaract Club of Angeles Kuliat (RCC-RCAK)

- is a college-based club sponsored by Rotary Club of Angeles Kuliat (RCAK) that fosters community service and leadership, responsible citizenship, and promotes peace and understanding.



The Republic Central Colleges encourages student-initiated activities that contribute to student development and that are consistent with the school’s Mission and Objectives.


 The students’ organization must follow the following guidelines in conducting extra and co-curricular activities:

1. No extra-curricular activities can be conducted one (1) week before the Prelim and Midterm examinations while no activities can be conducted two (2) weeks before the Final examination.

2. Before the activity may be conducted, permission should be secured in writing from the Office of the President. The letter-request should contain the following:

2.1 The nature, purpose, time, date and place of the activity;

2.2 The school facilities, equipments and personnel needed in the conduct of the activities; and

2.3 Signature of the president of the organization and the adviser; noted by the Dean of the College, Head of OSA and VPAA.

3. Once the letter has been approved, it must be presented to the Office of the President for the reservation of the equipment and facilities, and to inform the personnel involved.

4. For a contest or competition, the sponsoring organization must prepare the contest rules and mechanics which must be disseminated to the participants not later than two (2) weeks before the contest proper.

5. For fundraising activities, the letter must include the expected expenses and proceeds of the activities and where the proceeds of the activity will be used.

6. The use of flammable material is not allowed.

7. Parental consent and waiver should be secured by participants of off-campus activities.

8. The students are required to accomplish the “REQUEST FOR PRACTICE FORM” in the OSA office before they will be allowed to conduct practices in the school after-school hours and during holidays.  



Considering the number of students making outside trips and the number of off-campus activities throughout the school year, the College regulates the use of school vehicles based on the merits of the request.


 1. The following students may request the free use of a school vehicle provided their requests are approved by the School President:

 1.1 Official contestants of the College in local, regional, or national competitions;

 1.2 Official delegates of the College to major seminars and conferences;

 1.3 College athletes participating in competitions or invitationals;

 1.4 Members of recognized school organization conducting community outreach project.

 2. The following students shall be charged fully or partially for the use of a school vehicle, including the driver’s possible overtime:

 2.1 Classes and student organizations conducting field trips and/or attending seminars approved by the College Dean;

 2.2 Classmates, cheerers, and organization members accompanying the College’s official contestants to a competition to give moral support;

 2.3 Student contestants in competitions where the organization and not the College is represented.



 The College regulates the nature, number and location of posters and tarpaulins submitted for approval.


 1. All posters and tarpaulins must be submitted to OSA for approval prior to posting or hanging.

 2. OSA shall not approve the posters/tarpaulins:

 2.1 that contain inflammatory, derogatory, or vulgar language or images;

 2.2 that contain gross violations of grammar and spelling;

 2.3 that promote activities, ideas, organizations or products that are inconsistent with what the College stands for; and

 2.4 that promote commercial products or establishments.

 3. OSA shall direct the sponsor of the approved poster to the appropriate location. Approved tarpaulin shall be hung by maintenance personnel at the designated area.

4. Each approved poster shall have a limited effectivity period to be indicated on the approval stamp. It is the obligation of the poster’s sponsor to remove the poster on the day after the given period. The tarpaulin shall be removed by the maintenance personnel.

5. OSA shall not be responsible for poster/tarpaulin that are torn, vandalized, destroyed, or stolen; although anybody caught doing so shall be penalized according to the provisions of the Student Manual.

6. Leaflets and other similar materials shall not circulate in campus unless the sponsors submit a sample to OSA for approval prior to circulation.

7. Students caught chalking unauthorized announcements and greetings on bulletin boards shall be pen