Total Development of Man based on FAITH, SCIENCE and VIRTUE


Posted on July 04, 2017

The Junior High student Council (JHSC) welcomes July with three activities and programs aimed at fostering solidarity, leadership, and stewardship among the studentry, namely the 2nd RCC Junior High School Congress of Leaders, The RCC Junior High School Acquiatnce Party and the Oplan RCC: BalikKalin...
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Posted on September 02, 2019

By: Jonash Lumanlan     July 27, Saturday, marked this year’s annual Junior High Acquaintance Party themed “Meeting the Horizon through Waves of Fun and Fantasy” at the RCC Quadrangle. With Hawaiian theme-decorated students from the Grade 7 Warriors down to the Grade ...
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Posted on September 02, 2019

by: Ahmed B. Samia, Jr   A total of three student-leaders from Republic Central Colleges (RCC) and Colegio de San Rafael (CDSR) bagged three places out of the twenty slots in the regional level of the prestigious Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) held last July 22, 2019 at th...
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The RCC High School department aims for the holistic formation of the individual in all aspects of human personality, through the development of five human dimensions, namely: physical, intellectual, social/political, moral/spiritual, and economic.


Program Objectives

The high school graduate of Republic Central Colleges is expected to have:

1. acquired and develop critical and creative thinking, independent learning and effective communication to respond intelligently to varied life situations and to pursue higher education;

2. internalized Christian values as motivated in his relationship with himself, others, nature and more importantly with God;

3. develop a sense of pride as a Filipino who is appreciative of his cultural heritage and promote national identity and global solidarity;

4. undesrtood his rights, duties, and obligations as a Filipino citizen and as an individual member of his community and where such knowledge enables him to respect the rights of others;

5. acquired the occupational skills and work ethics needed for his participation in the socio-economic and cultural aspects of his life;

6. participated in various worthwhile activities that will improve his quality of life and the life of the people in the larger community where he lives;

7. develop the hallmarks of a true RCCians-Responsible and competent, commpassionate and committed.


Learning Outcomes

The high School graduate of Republic Central Colleges should be able to:

1. respond critically and intelligently to life situations;

2. communicate effectively using both English and Filipino, orally and in writing;

3. demonstrate learning skills needed for higher education;

4. demonstrate Christian values and self-worth in fulfilling responsibilities and active participation in work;

5. apply basic knowledge and skills and problem-solving and decision-making concerning social, health, environmental, and moral aspects of the community;

6. participate in activities that promote Filipino culture heritage; and

7. participate actively in providing community services, particularly to the underserved members of the society.